Hello. Are you ready to get healthy?

First of all welcome to my health blog.

My hope for creating this site is to share upcoming and emerging fitness trends with my readers.

I want readers who are just getting into becoming more engaged in their health and starting to look for advice to come here to see what’s going on in the market and what I think is scam vs. real.

However what I think is real may not work for you either, therefore it’s very difficult to give blanket statements saying that a single drug, supplement, routine, or diet will work for everyone because it won’t.

Each person’s body is unique and handles nutrients and activity differently.

You’re being lied to.

It seems that every year the market is hit with the next “break through” revolutionary miracle product that manufacturers claim can do health wonders with minimal input by us.

Hate to tell you but in most cases you’re being lied to.

  • Shake weight – haha yea sure, keep shaking it2151_emma_stone_vs_shake_weight_700
  • Prancercize – got her a spot on Tosh.0 but that’s about all it did
  • Backward running – sure improve posture at the risk of breaking your neck
  • P90x – ok ok this one actually does have results

But you get my point.

Us as a nation feed on the get rich quick schemes and the same goes for our health. Taking a pill once a day without excerpting any physical activity won’t get you thinner.

You need to put in the effort to see the results!

I get so annoyed when I see individuals on Facebook bragging about drinking a protein shake and getting fit after I just saw them at the gym doing more socializing than working out.

Saying you’re getting healthy isn’t getting healthy. Taking the action to get healthy IS how you improve your health.

As I share the craziest and best health fads in my mind (keep in mind I am NOT a professional, these are merely personal opinion) I hope you explore or ignore them some more and find something that will help you get fit!